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In this section of The Digital Bits, you'll find a complete archive of all our in-depth special feature stories covering various subjects relating to film and DVD. We've got primers on complex subjects like anamorphic widescreen, discussions of film history, looks inside the industry, fun stuff and even a peek behind-the-scenes here at The Bits. Enjoy!


Jahnke's Electric Theatre
updated 1/16

Barrie Maxwell presents The British Beat!
updated 4/28

The Bits covers Blu-ray 3D with Jeff Kleist's The 3rd Dimension!
updated 5/27

MOS DEF by Mark A. Altman
updated 3/14

Doogan's Views by Todd Doogan

Classic Coming Attractions by Barrie Maxwell
updated 5/23

Barrie Maxwell's High-Definition Matters
updated 6/11

Adam Jahnke's The Bottom Shelf
updated 3/15

MusicTAP - DVD-Audio, SACD & Music News by Matt Rowe
updated M/W/F

Robert Siegel's Golden Hollywood
updated 6/9

Yellow Layer Failure, Vinegar Syndrome and Miscellaneous Musings by Robert A. Harris

The Digital Bits - High-Definition Release List
updated 4/22

The Ultimate Guide to Anamorphic Widescreen on DVD!

TAPNotes by Matt Rowe

Hot Buttered Popcorn for the Movie Lover's Soul by Bob Banka

The Digital Bits Guide to UMD for PSP

Russell Hammon'd DVD Fanboy (DVD Exclusives & Bonus Discs)

Brad Pilcher's Games People Play


Blade Runner: The Final Cut is here! Click here for our in-depth review!

David Prior's Panic Room DVD Production Journal - Part One

A First Look at D-VHS

Greg Suarez's Video Game Buyer's Guide - 2001

A Galaxy of Bootlegs: A Look at Pirate Star Wars DVDs

The Digital Bits on Episode I
Are You Sirius? A Look at Satellite Radio

Robert Harris - Home Theater: An Archaeology - Part Two

Robert Harris - Home Theater: An Archaeology - Part One

Telling Tales with John and George

Remastering the Final Frontier - Bringing Star Trek to DVD

Other Special Features

A Retail Perspective on the High-Def Format War NEW - 1/1/08
The MGM DVD Lawsuit: Our Two Cents
Well... Here We Go Again: Star Wars on DVD
Totally Tromatic! A Visit to the Set of Citizen Toxie
The Prince of Egypt and the Changing Art of Animation
The Digital Bits: Behind-the-Scenes at a DVD Website
Putting the Fun in DVD: Inside EMA Multimedia
An Afternoon at the Diskworks: Behind-the-scenes at Image Entertainment
Divx: Beyond the Hype - A First Look at a Divx Player
The Star Wars on DVD Campaign
Lucasfilm Responds to the Star Wars on DVD Campaign
Frank Herbert's Dune on DVD: The Debate
Fudging the Force: A Look at a Pirate Episode I DVD
Pillaging the Titanic: A Closer Look at a Bootleg DVD
Spoil Sports! (we make fun of DVD cover art that spoils the endings)

Miscellaneous Fun & Features

Menus from Paramount's Tomb Raider 2
Commentary Excerpt: Rob Reiner on MGM's new Princess Bride: SE
An Exclusive First Look at MORE Upcoming Paramount DVD menus!
An Exclusive First Look at TONS of Upcoming Paramount DVD menus!
Menus from Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes
Menus from Paramount's Godfather 1 & 2
A sneak peek at the menus for Paramount's Sleepy Hollow DVD
Message to George Lucas (Lucasfilm DVD: The audience is waiting...)
Message to George Lucas (Deep Inside the Lucasfilm Archives...)
Message to George Lucas (Got DVD?)
Message to George Lucas (Bootlegs)
Message to George Lucas (DVD Does Matter)
Sneak previews of X-Files: Season One, Fight Club and Butch Cassidy on DVD
A sneak preview of Independence Day and The Abyss on DVD
Scans of Another Star Wars: Episode I Bootleg DVD
Disney Animated DVD Screen Shots
Scans of Star Wars: Episode I Bootleg DVD
Screen Shots from A Bug's Life: Collector's Edition

A Look at the Disney Animated DVDs
Disney DVD Article from the Wall Street Journal (transcript)
TV Digest Breaks Divx Rumor
Doogan's 2 Cents on Alien
Alien Legacy artwork
Criterion Armageddon DVD Screen Shots

Scans of bootleg Star Wars DVD
Divx at the Good Guys in Orange County, CA
Divx - Retailer Sales Training Video (Transcript)
An "Only Open DVD Delivers" Pamphlet
A Divx Display at a Circuit City Store in San Francisco
Region 2 DVD Magazine Reveals Fox DVD Releases
The Open DVD Billboard in San Francisco
The World's Largest DVD Player at LAX
Stacking the Deck: Divx Preparations in Richmond, VA
A Bit of Humor: The Infamous Divx Press Release
Re-Writable DVD Drives Early Next Year?

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