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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 3/20/09

Yellow Layer Failure, Vinegar Syndrome and Miscellaneous Musings by Robert A. Harris

The Digital Bits is pleased to present you with Yellow Layer Failure, Vinegar Syndrome and Miscellaneous Musings, a regular column by Robert A. Harris. Robert is a highly respected film producer, historian and preservation expert, who has been responsible for some of the most important work to save and restore our favorite classic films. In his column, Robert will be addressing a number of topics related to the past, present and future of home theater. He'll talk about film preservation, various technical and quality issues related to film and DVD, aspect ratios and a host of other subjects.

I hope you'll all join us in welcoming him and in supporting our continuing efforts to expand the breadth of general knowledge of film issues. And you should know that each column will tie into discussion treads over at The Home Theater Forum (which has long been the official DVD discussion group of The Bits) to create an ongoing community of thought on these issues.

So select from the list of columns below and enjoy!

Current Columns

3/20/09 - The Reconstruction and Restoration of The Alamo NEW
10/13/08 - Sleeping Beauty on Blu-ray
6/24/08 - DNR... and Other Things That Go Bump in the Night
5/2/08 - Thoughts on La Roue
2/4/08 - Hello, Manila! (or, The Firmware Update Customer Service Blues)
1/3/07- The Best Releases of 2006
11/21/06 - Value Electronics
8/21/06 - A Robert A. Harris Interview: Warner's Ned Price on The Searchers
12/23/05 - RAH's Top Classic DVDs of 2005
10/25/05 - RAH on King Kong: The DVD Interview
6/6/05 - Of REAL Added Value...
3/24/05 - DVD Re-releases, Q1 2005, More with Grover Crisp, Etc.
12/22/04 - Classic DVD: A Report Card for 2004
11/8/04 - A Robert A. Harris Interview: Columbia's Grover Crisp on Dr. Strangelove
10/25/04 - A Robert A. Harris Interview: Warner Home Video's George Feltenstein
10/13/04 - American Pantheon filmmakers, Mamet, Michael Moore & MUCH more
8/3/04 - B&W, Three-strip Technicolor, a Miramax Mystery and more
6/28/04 - Disney, Merchant/Ivory, Bergman & Universal Westerns
4/7/04 - Robert's Back with Thoughts on Recent Releases
11/21/03 - A Traveling Column (Plus a Look at Recent Releases)
7/30/03 - A Bits Extra: A Few Notes on the Lawrence of Arabia - Superbit Edition
7/23/03 - Three-strip Technicolor, Paul Newman films & More
6/2/03 - Once Upon a Time in America
5/20/03 - Cinematographers, CinemaScope, John Wayne & Bob Hope
4/14/03 - Motion Picture High Fidelity, The Musicals of Mr. Porter and More
3/17/03 - Finally Fox: The Films of 20th Century Fox on DVD
2/26/03 - Acorns and Duellists
1/21/03 - "Check the plate, please…" - The Complete Montrery Pop Festival
12/20/02 - Goofy, Mickey, a Reluctant Dragon, Film Grain & Censorship
11/15/02 - Saving Sunset
11/12/02 - Powell and Pressburger, Color and Light
10/28/02 - SuperBit, THX and Six Degrees...
10/3/02 - Musicals and More Musings
9/11/02 - Films are Personal
8/12/02 - Aspect Ratios - Salve for the Soul
7/17/02 - Vinegar Syndrome is a Gas, Gas, Gas
7/1/02 - Eastman Color, Dye Fade, Yellow Layer Failure... and Restoration

Past Features

Robert Harris - Home Theater: An Archaeology - Part One

Robert Harris - Home Theater: An Archaeology - Part Two
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