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Yellow Layer Failure, Vinegar Syndrome and Miscellaneous Musings by Robert A. Harris

Robert A. Harris - Main Page

RAH's Top Classic DVDs of 2005

As the year comes to a close, the DVD marketplace continues to explode with product from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The impending move for the high-end home theater crowd to the High Definition DVD format(s) should begin to have an affect on the myriad nonsensical (insert word here) Editions and "Anniversary" Editions which offer little but new packaging.

With the industry ready to pounce upon the new technology, 2006 should be both an exhilarating as well as a technologically confusing turning point.

Lest there be any doubt as to which of the studios should take top honors for their continued release of well thought out and quality product at attractive prices, that position goes once again to Warner Brothers. But I believe anyone with a concept of what has been occurring in the DVD marketplace already knew that.

If there were an award it should be shared equally by Warner's George Feltenstein and Ned Price and his technical staff. Possibly the studio will see fit to give them superior parking places to honor their continued efforts.

As a quick look back, here are the DVDs of 2005, which I find personally important, and which are quality additions to one's DVD library:

The Top Classic DVDs of 2005

1. King Kong Collection (inclusive of Son of Kong and Mighty Joe Young) - WB

2. Unknown Chaplin - Newvideo, A&E, Thames

3. The Garbo Centennial Collection & Garbo Silents - WB

4. The Errol Flynn Collection - WB

5. Bambi - Disney

6. Harold Lloyd Collection - New Line

7. Gangsters Collection - WB

8. Astaire & Rogers Collection - WB

9. The Sting: Legacy Series SE - Universal

10. Lifeboat: Special Edition - Fox

11. The James Dean Collection - WB

12. Ben-Hur (New Edition with 1925 silent version) - WB

13. To Kill a Mockingbird: Legacy Series SE - Universal

14. The Thin Man Collection - WB

15. The Deer Hunter: Legacy Series SE - Universal

16. The High and the Mighty - Paramount

17. The Innocents - Fox

18. Detective Story - Paramount

19. Miracle of Morgan's Creek - Paramount

20. Hammer Horrors Collection - Universal

21. The Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume Three - WB

22. The Gary Cooper Collection - Universal

23. Fury - WB

24. Easter Parade - WB

25. My Sister Eileen - Sony

26. Twentieth Century - Sony

27. The Ealing Comedies - Anchor Bay

28. Ran - Criterion

29. The British War Collection - Anchor Bay

30. Thieves' Highway and Night and the City - Criterion

Award of Special Distinction

To the staff of Lowry Digital Images (now DTS Digital Images) for their yeoman-like effort, extreme precision and dedication and love of the cinema, in scanning original nitrate sequential negatives, processing of images, fixes of original errors and hand cleaning and pixel cloning on a frame by frame basis toward the creation of the new edition of Walt Disney's Bambi. Without the intense and unrelenting effort given by the men and women of LDI, Bambi would not have made it to this list. They should all be justifiably proud of their efforts, as should the executives at Disney for the selection of LDI for this unique work.

Special Mention for Continuing Series of Importance

The Film Noir Collection - Fox


Robert Harris

* Designates a film worthy of purchase on DVD. RAH Designates a film worth of "blind" purchase on DVD.

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Robert A. Harris - Main Page

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