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Yellow Layer Failure, Vinegar Syndrome and Miscellaneous Musings by Robert A. Harris

Robert A. Harris - Main Page

The Best Releases of 2006

2006 has been an interesting year for DVD. High Definition arrived in April, and has thus far made a much larger impact than many might have surmised.

If the software manufacturers can bring down the price of HD software in the coming months, and at least for new titles offer a reasonably priced HD alternative, the format should grow quickly.

The two films at the top of the list appear to be equal in many respects. Those titles that follow are no particular order.

The Best Modern HD Releases

Batman Begins (HD-DVD - Warner)
King Kong (HD-DVD - Universal)
Kingdom of Heaven (Blu-ray Disc - Fox)
Mission: Impossible III (both formats - Paramount)
Good Night, and Good Luck (both formats - WB)
Phantom of the Opera (both formats - WB)
The Hulk (HD-DVD - Universal)
Van Helsing (HD-DVD - Universal)
Sleepy Hollow (both formats - Paramount)
The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (HD-DVD - Universal)
The Devil Wears Prada (Blu-ray Disc - Fox)
The Wild (Blu-ray Disc - Buena Vista/Disney)
Ray (HD-DVD - Universal)
The Matador (HD-DVD - Weinstein/Genius)
The Bourne Supremacy (HD-DVD - Universal)
Ice Age: The Meltdown (Blu-ray Disc - Fox)
Pearl Harbor (Blu-ray Disc - Buena Vista/Disney - overall disc quality, not content)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (both formats - WB)
X-Men: The Last Stand (Blu-ray Disc - Fox - overall disc quality, not content)
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (both formats - Paramount)
Sahara (both formats - Paramount)
V for Vendetta (HD-DVD - WB)

The Best Classic & Catalog HD Releases

The Adventures of Robin Hood (HD-DVD - WB)
Casablanca (HD-DVD - WB)
Reds (both formats - Paramount)
Apollo 13 (HD-DVD - Universal)
The Searchers (both formats - WB)
Goodfellas (both formats - WB)
Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut (both formats - WB)
Unforgiven (both formats - WB)
Mission: Impossible (both formats - Paramount)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High (HD-DVD - Universal)
Speed (Blu-ray Disc - Fox)
The Deer Hunter (HD-DVD - Universal)
Lethal Weapon (both formats - WB)
Rocky (Blu-ray Disc - MGM)
Animal House (HD-DVD - Universal)

The Best Modern SD Releases (Not yet released in HD)

Walk the Line (Fox)
The Greatest Game Ever Played (Buena Vista/Disney)
Cars (Buena Vista/Disney)
Pride & Prejudice (Universal)
Inside Man (Universal)

The Best Classic SD Releases

Preston Sturges: The Filmmaker Collection (Universal)
The Sting: Special Edition (Universal)
Eric Rohmer's Six Moral Tales (Criterion)
Ryan's Daughter (WB)
Lady and the Tramp (Disney)
The Conformist (Paramount)
The Clark Gable Collection (WB)
Young Mr. Lincoln (Criterion/Fox)
The Night of the Iguana (WB)
The DeMille Collection (Universal)
The Maltese Falcon: Special Edition (WB)
Dietrich: The Glamour Collection (Universal)
The Wild Bunch: Special Edition (WB)
Spirit of the Beehive (Criterion)
1900 (Paramount)
Fort Apache (WB)
3 Films by Louis Malle (Criterion)
King's Row (WB)
A Canterbury Tale (Criterion)
A Tale of Two Cities (WB)

The Best Documentary/Television Releases

An Inconvenient Truth (Paramount)
Wordplay (Weinstein/Genius)
Saturday Night Live: Season One (Universal)


Robert A. Harris

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Robert A. Harris - Main Page

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