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page added: 11/1/10

Blu-ray Review
Blu-ray Disc review by Bill Hunt, Editor of The Digital Bits

The Complete Season Two (Blu-ray Disc)

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season Two
2010 (2010) - Lucasfilm/Cartoon Network (Warner Bros.)
Released on Blu-ray on October 26th, 2010
Also available on DVD
Season Two Blu-ray also available from

Dolby Digital

Program Rating: B+
Video: 19.5
Audio: 10
Extras: B-

Building on a solid and entertaining first season, Lucasfilm's 22-episode second round of the CG-animated The Clone Wars broadens the series' scope and mystery by exploring new areas of the prequel universe, including other Jedi characters, new and returning enemies and locals known - but previously unseen - by Star Wars fans, such as Malastare and Mandalore.

The season also includes several episodes that serve as nods to classic B-genre films of old. Highlights include the return of young Boba Fett, parasite mind-controlled zombies, a political assassination plot, more intrigue within the Senate and the clincher - a giant 'Zillo Beast' rampaging, Godzilla-style, across the Republic capital of Coruscant.

As with Season One, the HD video quality of Warner's 3-disc BD release is stunning, with gorgeously vibrant color, excellent contrast and nice detail. The series' cinematic presentation style is delightful, and seems to be growing ever more moody and atmospheric with each episode. As with Season One, the episodes are presented in the 2.35:1 scope ratio of the films - a good thing. Unfortunately, as with Season One, their audio is 640kbps Dolby Digital 5.1 only. While the mix is still good, lossless would be even better, and I wish Warner would consider it for their TV titles - especially The Clone Wars. Still, the choice of audio allows the HD video a little more room to breathe, given the number of discs and the number of episodes on each, so I can appreciate the trade-off.

Once again, the set includes a good batch of extras, though they're not as plentiful as those on Season One. Instead of featurettes for each episode, just 4 HD featurettes are included - about an hour's worth of material in all. These take you behind the scenes on episodes dealing with the Zillo Beast, the Jedi Holocron, and the planets Geonosis and Mandalore. Each disc also lets you access the interactive Jedi Archives, offering additional special effects footage, concept art, previz animations, 3D turnarounds and a few other surprises. The set also includes trailers for The Force Unleashed II and Clone Wars Adventures videogames. And as with the previous season, you get another excellent 68-page book packed with additional production art and a guide to the episodes. The cover's a clever nod to classic Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns - a nice touch.

I wish these discs offered a little more value in the way of extras and lossless audio, especially for the Blu-ray's $60 SRP. Still, if you liked its first season, Star Wars: The Clone Wars' storytelling has only gotten better with these new episodes... and Blu-ray is definitely the best way to watch them. Recommended for Star Wars fans of all ages, but do try to find a good sale price.

Bill Hunt
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