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Alfred Hitchcock Presents...

The American Films of Alfred Hitchcock on DVD
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Born Alfred Joseph Hitchcock on August 13th 1899 in London's East End, no one would have ever guessed that this shy young man would eventually become the visual genius he's known to be today. Hitchcock was well educated and excelled at Math and Science. He was transfixed by film though, and entered the world of film production in the 1920s. He learned the trade from the inside out, by doing just about everything from production design to opening credits.

It was while working as a low-end production member that he met his wife, Alma Reville, who at the time was a celebrated editor and script supervisor. If asked, most in the British film industry would have said that Alma was the one who would go on to become the famous filmmaker. But love is a funny thing. After Hitch and Alma fell in love, she exclusively worked with Hitchcock on all of his projects, steering them from start to finish.

When Hitch was asked to step in for another director, who had taken ill, his own directing career took off. He went on to work extensively in Britain, as well as in Germany, using the time for training and toiling. It was during this time that Hitchcock found exciting ways to tell his stories. In 1926, while a few smaller films he'd produced awaited release, he made a silent film called The Lodger, which became a huge success and made him a force to be reckoned with. From there, Hitchcock released several more classic silent films, and moved on to sound filmmaking with no problems whatsoever.

Eventually, of course, Hollywood called. In 1940, producer David O. Selznick asked Hitch to make a film about the Titanic, but he passed on the project. Hitchcock finally made his American debut that same year, directing on Selznick's Rebecca. From there, he took Hollywood by storm, directing some of cinema's greatest thrillers, chillers and odd-ball dramas. He was immediately hailed as a master of cinema and continued to work up until 1975 (his final film was Family Plot). Hitchcock died April 29th, 1980 in Los Angeles.

We're focusing on here on Hitchcock's American career. The reason is that while most of his early European films are out on DVD, they're very sub par in terms of quality (save for the two Criterion releases). Note that shortly after his American career began, Hitchcock went back to Europe for a brief time. During WWII he worked with the British Ministry of Information (on the Why We Fight propaganda series) and filmed two films for the Free French (Bon Voyage and Aventure Malgache). These are not included in this filmography for obvious reasons.

With that, we present you with our look at the American films of the master himself, Alfred Hitchcock. Each one of these great titles is a true classic and definitely deserves your attention. Enjoy!

The American Films of Alfred Hitchcock on DVD:

Shadow of a Doubt
The Paradine Case
Strangers on a Train
Rear Window
The Trouble with Harry
The Man Who Knew Too Much
North by Northwest
The Birds
Torn Curtain
Family Plot


Foreign Correspondent
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Under Capricorn
Stage Fright
I Confess
Dial M for Murder
To Catch a Thief
The Wrong Man

Director Alfred Hitchcock

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