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Site created 12/15/97.

review added: 4/3/00

VideoLogic DigiTheatre DTS
Complete Theater System

Encoded with DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1 Digital Surround

review by Digital Man, for The Digital Bits


Performance Rating: A-
Clear 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS, or Dolby Pro Logic sound. Exceptional for such a small package.

Ease-of-Use Rating: A+
Comes with all wires and cables needed, and fully configurable from the remote or clearly labeled front panel.

Value/Overall Rating: A+/A
Full DTS/Dolby Digital Decoder with amplified speaker system for $599. Can't beat it.

Specs and Features

Front & Surround Speakers

Bass/mid drive unit and separate high-frequency tweeter, both fully shielded. Bass/mid frequency drive (Audax 3 inch cone). High frequency drive (Audax 10mm polymer dome).

Center Speaker/Controls

Coaxial drive unit consisting of 4 inch bass/mid with concentric high-frequency tweeter, fully shielded. Remote control (Infra-red remote control functions include standby mode on/off, surround mode select, volume - master and individual channels), input select, mute and test tone. Surround modes (DTS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, Stereo). Effects (Theatre, Hall). Volume level (Master and individual volume control to each speaker). Input select (Digital optical, digital coaxial or analog line in).


Wood cabinet, containing magnetically shielded bass drive unit. Low frequency drive unit (8 inch cone). Power output (Satellites: 4 x 25W RMS). Center speaker (25W). Subwoofer (50W RMS). Full system (all channels driven - 175W RMS). Input connectors (Coaxial or Toslink optical connectors for digital. Line in stereo audio jacks for analog). Input/output connectors (Serial cable for two-way serial and centre audio data link to centre speaker) Output connectors (S/P-DIF optical - Toslink, S/P-DIF coaxial - IEC 958, Analog line in - stereo/Pro Logic).


Two years parts/labor.


Size counts? Not in this case. When I received the box for VideoLogic's new DigiTheatre DTS system, I was skeptical of the small package when I first saw it. But no... even with its compact size, this system puts out clear and powerful sound to please your ears. And it will likely annoy your neighbors as much as any large and over expensive home theater system.

The satellite speakers are non-intrusive, so they are ideal for having an awesome home theater without cluttering up an area to the point where movies and games are all the room is good for. If you have an apartment or only one living room, the DigiTheatre would be perfect. The system is sleek enough to be a proud, permanent core to your entertainment center and yet would be a snap to take along to a new place if you ever have to move.

The system is completely self-contained, with all of the wiring and connections to get going with almost no effort. The system has digital coaxial and optical inputs for digital sound, and regular RCA line in stereo audio jacks for analog.

The DigiTheatre DTS sounded great right out of the box. It has full controls for easy setup on the unit itself and on a convenient remote control. There is also a test tone mode where, using a sound meter, I was able to easily calibrate each speaker and the sub for reference level. I popped in a DTS sampler in my DVD player, and I also tried several Dolby Digital 5.1 titles. The results were impressive.

The powered subwoofer has 50W for itself, and provides 25W of power each for the left, right, center, and 2 surround speakers. The center channel is integrated in with the audio processor, that can automatically detect a DTS or Dolby Digital signal from the digital inputs (and also decode Dolby Pro Logic from the digital or analog source, with all audio inputs being selectable from the remote or the processor itself). Of course, regular old Stereo is always supported and there are even "Theater" and "Hall" modes for simulated surround.

The great thing about this system is the fact that you can level each speaker. This is usually only found in higher-end systems. The internal white noise allows for a pretty seamless sound, and the fact you are using internal amplification designed for each speaker, gives you a powerful and deceptive sound. You aren't going to shake the walls or knock plaster off the ceiling, but you may break some glasses.

The DigiTheatre package also comes in the Dolby Digital-only variety for less money ($399 SRP) - it's identical, barring the addition of DTS. But for only $599 for DTS, Dolby Digital, five speakers and a sub, how can you beat it? Even the $399 price is less than many of the cheapest receivers on the market. Home theater in a box has never sound so good.

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Digital Man

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