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Interviews & Specials

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In this section of The Digital Bits, you'll find a complete archive of all our in-depth interviews with leading motion picture directors, DVD producers and other industry experts and insiders. We're very proud of some of the work we've done here and we think you'll find it fascinating reading. So just click on one of the graphics below and enjoy!

Sony's Grover Crisp on the New Restoration of Taxi Driver
updated 3/10/11

Inside Aliens on Disc

By the Power of Mangels!!

Pioneer's Andy Parsons Talks Blu-ray Disc

RAH on King Kong: The DVD Interview

The First Voyage of Ray Harryhausen

A Robert A. Harris Interview... WHV's George Feltenstein

The Mouse That Roared: On the Front Lines with Dave Bossert

Director Francis Ford Coppola on One from the Heart

Writer/Director John Harrison talks Frank Herbert's Dune

Highlander on DVD: A Conversation with Bill Panzer

Landis on Landis

Adam Jahnke talks Final Fantasy with Javier Soto

Greg Suarez interviews Simpsons scribe Al Jean

Lucasfilm's Jim Ward answers questions about the Episode I DVD.

Off the Cuff with McG

A Chat with Director Peyton Reed

A Conversation with Director Paul Verhoeven

Emilio Estevez & Charlie Sheen talk Rated X

From Trekkies to Six Days in Roswell: An Interview with Roger Nygard

Scott Free DVD: A Chat with DVD Producer Charles de Lauzirika
New Video's Dan Kenny on the Farscape BDs
added 10/31/11

Going Up River: Inside Apocalypse Now on Blu-ray!

AK100: The Films of Akira Kurosawa on Disc

Inside Man: Richard Donner on Inside Moves

A Robert A. Harris Interview... Warner's Ned Price on The Searchers

About Effects with John Harrison

Check out Adam Jahnke's interview with special effects guru Tom Sullivan!

A Robert A. Harris Interview... Columbia's Grover Crisp

Director Ted Thomas talks Frank and Ollie

The Making of the Escape from New York: SE

Music TAP: An interview with legendary audio engineer Bob Ludwig

The Enigma of Michael Apted

Simply Baz!  Dan Kelly talks with Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann

Buena Vista's Chris Carey talks Widescreen on DVD

Leon Vitali talks Kubrick on DVD

Fight Club: Interviews with David Fincher and DVD guru David Prior

An Interview with Director William Friedkin

DVD Producer J.M. Kenny talks Willy Wonka.

A Conversation with DVD Producer Laurent Bouzereau

DVD Producer Van Ling on DVD

The Man Behind the Man of 1,000 Faces - A Chat with Michael F. Blake

Back to Navarone with J. Lee Thompson, David Fein and James Darren

Other Interviews

My So-Called Nightmare: The Struggle to Bring My So-Called Life to DVD
Inside the Criterion Collection: A Conversation with Peter Becker
Tall Tales: The Man Behind Phantasm - An Interview with Don Coscarelli
Saving Private Ryan: Q & A with Steven Gustafson of DreamWorks DVD
Jerky Treats! An Interview with Ravenous DVD Producer David Britten Prior
An Interview With Don May, Jr. of Synapse Films
Behind-the-scenes on the Alien DVD: An interview with Charlie de Lauzirika
An Interview with Dave and Linda Lukas of Dave's Video - The Laser Place
Pixar talks A Bug's Life

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