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Site created 12/15/97.

page created: 5/8/07

Chat Transcript:
Warner Home Video on HTF

The following is a complete transcript of the on-line chat with executives from Warner Home Video on the subject of TV and animation DVD releases, held on Monday, May 7th on The Home Theater Forum. Thanks to Ron Epstein, Parker Clack, Robert Crawford and everyone at HTF for all their hard work, and for providing the transcript for all to read. Enjoy!

Home Theater Forum

Subject: Live Chat with Warner Home Video TV and Animation
Date: Monday, May 7, 2007

[RonEpstein] Parker and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back Warner Brothers to our studio chat. Tonight we will be conversing with the folks from the TV and Animation division. Who do we have so far on your end, Warner Brothers?

[Warner_Brothers] Melissa Hufjay and Monica Albert...publicity gurus for Non theatrical (TV, Kid, etc). Amit Desai, Executive Director of Family and Animation just walked in. Also, say hello to Rosemary Markson, VP of TV Marketing and her super star A team: Brenda Bailey, Joshua Cohen and Kirstina Fugate

[Warner_Brothers] Hey everybody don't forget TEX AVERY'S DROOPY The Complete Theatrical Collection streeting next Tuesday 5/15

[MatthewC] Are there any plans for a future season of The Drew Carey Show?

[Warner_Brothers] Drew Carey S1 JUST released 4/17 go buy your copy and then we'll talk about Season 2!!!

[ChuckL] March 28th, 2006 brought home for fans of the long running CBS series KNOTS LANDING home to DVD. It has been over year now and still not a word about releasing the remainder 13 seasons of this popular show. If I recall correctly, the first season was released to positive sales. The second season is when the show finally started to resemble the iconic show that it was to become with the inclusion of Donna Mill's to the cast as "Abby Cunningham." I would also like to know on the animation front with the Cartoon Network folks, if there are plans to begin releasing, even in best of collections if it must happen outside of season sets, that Cartoon Network's COW AND CHICKEN might soon see a release? And as always...thanks for doing these chats Warner! You do a hell of a job!

[Warner_Brothers] for COW AND CHICKEN - we're in the process of evaluating this and other CN releases. On Knots - we appreciate your support, unfortunately, sales of Season 1 were softer than expected so at this point we don't have any firm plans for Season 2.

[KeithPaynter] Welcome back, everyone. What is the word on including more star-power B&W Looney Tunes on upcoming box sets as opposed to singles appearing as "Night At The Movies" bonus material on feature films, and will we see "Tin Pan Alley Cats" and "Coal Black" included in full any time soon?

[Warner_Brothers] We're planning to release Looney Tunes golden Collection vol 5 this upcoming holiday season. The collection will contain 60 remastered shorts on 4 discs. We'll get back to you on the specific episodes.

[Pavan_P] Hi, I'm from and we would like to know when Perfect Strangers is coming on DVD? It is one of the top requested shows to come to DVD on We worked with you guys in selecting the episodes for the TV Favorites, but that set was scrapped. Please give us some details on a season set!

[Warner_Brothers] We appreciate the continued interest in perfect strangers. we are evaluating a potential Season 1 release in 2008.

[CoreyScapito] Now that most of the main DC animated titles have all been released are there any plans on bringing out box sets of Static Shock and/or The Zeta Project?

[Warner_Brothers] the episodic compliation release of Static Shock was disappointing and therefore it is unlikely that we'll be bringing out a box set. On the other hand we're in the process of evaluating the zeta project for future release.

[ThomasP] Are there any plans for season sets of "World's Greatest Superfreinds", "Super Friends - Galactic Guardians", Filmation's animated Aquaman series and Filmation's 1960's animated Batman series? Also the Suprefirends "Lost shorts" from 1980-193?...Much thanks for the upcoming Filmation's Superman, Filmation's (1977) Batman, and Super Friends: Legendary Super Power Show.

[Warner_Brothers] Galactic Guardians and Aquaman are coming out in 07. New adventures of batman is coming out in 2007. Super Friends: Legendary Super Power Show is being released in 2007. the rest are being evaluated.

[BrianMichaels] Thanks for coming! Animation: Last time you mentioned there was no news on the Tiny Toons series, but would consider releasing their "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" movie. Any news on either? For TV (just because I can't find who has them) are "Ed" or "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" yours?

[Warner_Brothers] Tiny Toons is hopefully coming in 08. The tv titles aren't WB.

[MatthewA] I was extremely disappointed over the release of edited syndicated versions of MAMA'S FAMILY. Is there any chance we will ever see an uncut season 1 reissue? Hopefully further seasons will be the unedited versions. Also, any chance of ALICE season sets or more of KNOTS LANDING?

[Warner_Brothers] We answered Knots Landing early. We're evaluating Alice but no specific plans. as for mama's family, unfortunately we don't own the unedited masters. We only have ownership of the syndicated version.

[PaulP] Hi, WB, and firstly thanks for all your amazing work with classic animation! My question therefore is: What can you share with us reagarding your plans for MGM's catalog of theatrical cartoons? I envision sets like the Looney Tunes Golden Collections or Popeye, myself :)

[Warner_Brothers] we continue to mine MGMs catalog of theatrical cartoons. For example we plan to release Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection Vol 3 this fall, and Tex Avery's Droopy releases next week.

[ChrisCook] Thank you for allowing Everwood to be asked tonight. I purchased the first season of Everwood in 2005 as a blind buy. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the effort that went into that release. Now, you recently revisited Without a Trace. Both series first season suffered low sales and both have music rights issues to clear. I don't know how well the second season of Without a Trace sold.

[RonEpstein] Warner, I guess this is the chance to say everything you have to say about EVERWOOD and then we'll leave it alone for the rest of the evening

[Warner_Brothers] we know we have alot of interest in Everwood based on the feedback we continue to receive from the fans. we'd love to release future seasons but the music costs are prohibitive. we're evaluating if we can make it work with music substitution but at this time we just don't know.

[MichelleB] Any plans to release season sets of Falcon Crest?

[Warner_Brothers] not at this time. thanks. done

[Warner_Brothers] But...Dallas Season 7 coming July 31st

[ToddF] Hi, I'm from Are there any plans on continuing Growing Pains, Night Court or Life Goes On?

[Warner_Brothers] Night Court, Growing Pains and Life Goes On - At this time there are no plans for release - we'll continue to consider.

[Rowan] You have mentioned several times that you are 'evaluating' series for release. Can you please tell what goes into those discussion and who is questioned in regards to this? Also... on older shows, why the trend of releasing first seasons of long running programs, and while I know that sales play a role, what about the folks that rushed out to purchase the title on the release that are then left holding the bag on their favorite series?

[Warner_Brothers] We always release series with the full intention and hope of releasing the entire series on DVD. Unfortunately, sales don't always warrant this. A lot goes into the evaluation of potential series - looking at sales of prior similar series...consumer research...costs to master and clear music - both of which can be substantial and prohibitive for release. we also try to get a sense of how avid and passionate the fan base is. All that said - if a series is profitable for release, we will release it and continue to release it. it is not an easy evaluation or decision. We ponder it carefully. unfortunately, there is often a drop off in sales from season 1 to subsequent seasons on classic titles. this is also a major issue for classic tv series. not necessarily the same issue with shows currently airing.

[RonEpstein] ...and you are not the only studio that has had this problem when initial sales fell sharply after a first season release. Thanks, Warner!

[WallyW] I love the late 80s-early 90s Warner family when can we expect Family Matters, Step by Step, Hogan Family, and Mr. Cooper finally? Glad to hear Perfect Strangers is being 'evaluated' for 2008 though...cant wait!

[Warner_Brothers] We don't have plans on any of these at this time. i can say that we are evaluating Family Matters for a potential '08 release but music is fairly high.

[Sarah_K] I run and last year we sent Rosemary our with 1635 people having signed it we all want to know are there any plans for a Homefront release and if so when? Also if it is released will it be both seasons as one release or 2 seperate season sets released? And thank you all so very much for doing this chat!

[Warner_Brothers] i appreciate the very avid fan base for this show. we have been looking at homefront but music is very very high. and unfortunately, i don't know that the dvd base for the show is large enough to release it. but we'll continue to keep it on our long list.

[SteveJohnson] Looking towards Adult Swim/CN for a moment, any word on a release date for the second season of Robot Chicken? Thanks!

[Warner_Brothers] look for it this fall! we will announce a date within a month.

[PaulMiller] Are they any plans for eighties cartoon favorites The Smurfs, Pac Man, and The Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Hour? Also, are there any plans on releasing The Huckleberry Hound Show Volume 2?

[Warner_Brothers] we plan to make an exciting announce concerning one of the above titles (ooh the mystery!) at Comic-Con in July. stay tuned. sadly, there are no plans to release huckleberry hound v2.

[Jim_Beaver] Brimstone is my favourite show and also the one I really want on DVD what are the plans for it? Also what's in the works for Opposite Sex, Run of the House, Bucky O'Hare, Fish Police?

[Warner_Brothers] no plans.

[SeanP] Are there any plans for a DVD release of the made-for-TV animated film "The Flight of Dragons"? I've been hoping for this one for ages...

[Warner_Brothers] thanks for the comment. we'll consider it.

[PeterB] I know music rights are often an issue, but studios have sometimes just replaced music in the past - I dont think anyone would mind (or notice) on most shows! ALSO, any chance shows t hat are not successful enough to release on dvd would be made available to buy as downloads on iTunes or somewhere similar? no production costs, and you still get sales! (I want "Fastlane"!) - and one title-specific question: I know you do some BBC TV stuff... any plans on a US release for SPACED from the Shuan of the Dead/Hot Fuzz guys?

[Warner_Brothers] no release plans at this time for SPACED. there is a possibility of seeing some shows online at some point. helps with costs for physical production, but music still has to be cleared or substituted.

[Matt_Oneill] any plans to release Freddy's Nightmares and Third watch. this might not be your area, but any plans for bbc shows My Family (season 3) and Life on Mars. do you guys own the rights to the Twin Peaks pilot?

[Warner_Brothers] we don't own the rights to twin peaks. no plans for freddy's nightmares. We are evaluating third watch for a potential '08 release. both bbc releases are in consideration but no specific plan.

[DennyW] Any Plans for DVD releases (or other delivery methods) for the 1950s-1960's B&W WB TV Library such as the various Detective and Western Series,or is the focus for WHV TV when it comes to classics more for the 1970's-1980's programs. I for one support,and wouldn't mind at least a "Television Favorites" DVD on some of those shows - I enjoyed the MAVERICK release.

[Warner_Brothers] We do have a great library of classic westerns and detective series. We will continue to consider these and hope to be able to release more in the future but it is hard to make the financials work. on a positive note, we do have the second (and final) season release of F-Troop coming out 5/29!

[annette] Are there any plans to release Scarecrow and Mrs. King to DVD? Thanks

[Warner_Brothers] on our consideration list but no plans at this time.

[Warner_Brothers] For all you Wait Till Your Father Gets Home fans -- Season 1 releases on 6/5.

[Warner_Brothers] don't forget about our 2 great classics...CHiPs: The Complete First Season on 6/5 and Welcome Back Kotter: The Complete First Season on 6/12.

[Jack] Thanks for being here tonite Looking forwrd to Wait till your father gets home. Forgive me if these have been asked Mama's Family corrected etc Knots Landing and Tiny Toons

[Warner_Brothers] all asked and answered

[ChrisS] First off Thank You very much for the Samurai Jack, Foster's Home & Animaniacs sets! I can't wait to buy more! :) Now my question, can we expect to see any animated releases, particularly Bugs & company, in HD anytime soon?

[Warner_Brothers] As a leader in the HD category we are seriously evaluating all of our content for release on HD and BD.

[Krister_] Hi, WB. Are there any plans of releasing the tv mini series Lace from 1984 and Lace 2 from 1985??

[Warner_Brothers] no plans at this time. But look for animaniacs and pinky and the brain vol 3 in June

[MatthewJ] Regarding HD, I noticed Friends Season One is on the TBA List. Will this happen in 2007 and will the episodes be truly re-MASTERED for HD?

[Warner_Brothers] what tba list?

[MatthewJ] the tba list for planned upcoming hd dvds and blu ray, namely posted on

[Warner_Brothers] not sure where they get their information but its not from us! done.

[Ben_King] Any plans to release the short-lived 19802019s Lorimar soap FLAMINGO ROAD on DVD? P.S. Please reconsider KNOTS LANDING and FALCON CREST. Many soap fans would happily buy the complete runs of all three shows (and all of DALLAS) on DVD. There IS a market out there for these soapy serials (sales of season one of KNOTS LANDING were probably soft due to the absence of Donna Mills as Abby, probably the show's most popular character)

[Warner_Brothers] no plans for Flamingo Road at this time and we'll keep Knots and Falcon Crest under consideration. Thanks for your support...andif you're a soap fan you can buy the 4th and final season of the OC on 5/22

[MikeL] I am a huge Wizard of Oz fan and I hope you guys know how much the TV movie The Dreamer of Oz is wanted on DVD! Please give us the classic! Also for TV animation any word on Alvin & the Chipmunks?

[Warner_Brothers] we'll look into Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Dreamer of Oz, thanks for your suggestions!

[Tory] Will you be releasing telefilm sequels, spinoffs and animated versions of already completed on DVD series such as Gilligan2019s Island/Planet or Dukes/Enos? They involve original cast members. Also any chance for both live action and animated Shazam or QuickDraw McGraw?

[Warner_Brothers] We are considering the best way to release the telefilms from tv series where we've already finished releasing the seasons. we don't have any specific plans for those at this time. We're looking into Shazam and Quick Draw is highly doubtful at this time due to music clearance issues.

[NickD] I've been looking for to this chat for sometime. First off, this chat is basically about your "abandoned" releases. Are we going to see a fifth and sixth season releases of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Also, what about season releases for Step by Step and Family Matters, and a second season of Growing Pains. My biggest complaint is Murphy Brown. What are the reasons for not seeing a second season? And, are we ever going to see a second season?

[Warner_Brothers] we've already answered the question on step by step, growing pains and family matters (which by the way we haven't released a season 1 yet on family matters)... we hope to continue releasing all seasons of fresh prince. music costs are high but we're trying to address this. murphy brown sales were unfortunately not what they needed to be for a season 2 release, esp. with high music costs. so, sorry to say, no current plans on murphy brown.

[Warner_Brothers] for all of you sci-fi fans, don't forget babylon 5: the lost tales will be out on dvd this 7/31!

[BrandonE] I was wondering if you were going to be releasing a Complete Series DVD (and if it is going to have special features) for Full House after all of the Season Set DVD'S are released?

[Warner_Brothers] we have 2 more season sets to go...that is our focus for now... we'll go from there.

[Warner_Brothers] don't forget to run out to get your copy of the season one releases of George Lopez, What I Like About You and Drew Carey. In store now!

[PeteBattista] Hi, are there any plans of releasing the second season of Superboy?

[Warner_Brothers] No plans at this time for Superboy

[JimCabby] Thanks, WB, for this chat and for all your TV on DVD and iTunes. I've grown into a near-addict of it. I'm hoping you'll put out more of the old 1960s, Black and White series in the future on DVD (or iTunes..). One series I've always wanted to see but have NEVER gotten to see is a Warner Television show "The Roaring '20s" produced between 1960 and 1962 that regularly featured Dorothy Provine and Rex Reason.

[Warner_Brothers] There are no plans for Roaring 20's on DVD at this time done

[Warner_Brothers] Look for Hanna Barbera's Birdman/Galaxy Trio & Space Ghost/Dino Boy Complete Series on DVD 7/17/07

[RobN] Is there a chance of ever seeing the short-lived series Maximum Bob or the classic BBC series The Goodies?

[Warner_Brothers] No plans at this time

[TomR] Thanks for the chat once again. How about some older series season sets for Courtship of Eddie's Father, Please Don't Eat the Daisies and Chico and the Man? Any word?

[Warner_Brothers] We do not have plans for any of these, but we'll keep them on the long list

[Jeff-Wooten] Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, WB! I greatly appreciate it. Any news on Man From UNCLE or Thundarr the Barbarian? Thanks

[Warner_Brothers] I'm happy to report that we are actively working on a Man from U.N.C.L.E. release in the future and we hope to have something to announce later this year. We'll also look into Thundarr the Barbarian

[Mark] I heard that Roots: The Next Generations is being release sometime soon if so when also is Dallas going to get a faster release another thing I will like to say is the second season dvd of Knots Landing will be a big hit seller.

[Warner_Brothers] We hope to be able to announce Roots The next generation soon. We are releasing Dallas at a faster pace - there are two releases planned for this year - look for Season 7 on 7/31/07 done

[Peter_M_Fitzgerald] Good evening, folks. A largely untapped area for DVD are the horror/sci-fi/suspense telefilms of the 1970s. If you released a "Cult Camp Classics" style set of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (73), BAD RONALD (74) and THE STRANGER WITHIN (74) just before, say, Halloween 2008, it would sell quite well, I'd think.

[RonEpstein] I second "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" That is a highly requested title.

[Warner_Brothers] We don't think those titles are ours, but we'll double check - thanks done

[Warner_Brothers] speaking of cult camp collections, to clarify, we did check and these titles are ours. our resident Telefilms expert wasn't in the room at the time but confirmed she's evaluating a potential release

[PaulMiller] Any plans to release the eighties version of the Jetsons or Johnny Quest? Any chance of the Flintstone Kids getting a release?

[Warner_Brothers] We're looking into both Jetsons and Johnny Quest as well as the Pebbles and Bam Bam show

[Warner_Brothers] Look for The new Adventures of Batman & The New Adventures of Superman on June 26th!

[Kyle] I'm excited for the upcoming Superman: Doomsday and The New Frontier. I've seen that Doomsday will be in a style close to the Timm-verse shows. I heard before that the movies would mostly be in the style of their comic book counterparts i.e. New Frontier- cooke, Judas- Perez. Is this the case? And will future DC animated movies be of specific storylines and in their art styles?

[Warner_Brothers] Re: Superman Doomsday and The New Frontier - both story lines are inspired by the best selling graphic novels. You'll find that the New Frontier's creative look will mirror the graphic novel more closely.

[JohnJ] hi any plans on releasing the current hit ABC drama MEN IN TREES before the second season airs? also, how about the classics Our House and Head of the Class? Thanks for Balki & Larry (Perfect Strangers) in 2008! I'll be the first in line!

[Warner_Brothers] Men in Trees - we're looking at this title now, however, we are still trying to figure out what the network plans are for the remaining episodes produced during seasons 1. No plans at this time for Our House and Head of the Class.

[RichFred] Thanks for the chat..any plans for "Eight is Enough"; the short lived 80's show "Love Sidney" w/Tony Randall or 80's cartoons "The Puppies Lost Adventures" from the Scooby Doo hour?

[Warner_Brothers] WE'll continue to look at new releases of Scooby - one of our best animated franchises. No plans on either of the other titles, but we'll consider Eight is Enough

[RonEpstein] Next, from TVSHOWSONDDVD.COM and a fellow chrome-dome buddy, I give you David Lambert....

[David_Lambert] Thanks for doing this chat, and I apologize that I was late getting here and missed the beginning. I'm sure there were a lot of questions tonight that came as no surprise, and some questions that were completely out of the blue! I'm curious, what questions did you expect to be asked, that weren't asked up until now? Any titles you were dying to talk about but didn't get asked? (Here's your chance!)

[Warner_Brothers] we're surprised we're not getting Popeye the Sailor Vol 1 questions -- 4-disc set with 60 remastered shorts and 5 hours of EC -- release 7/31 look for panel discussion at ComicCon

[DerekJ] I arrived late, has the "low-selling" Huckleberry Hound Vol2 question (with or w/o indiv. volumes) been asked yet?...It wasn't "our fault" and you know it!† :) (Assume we've already gotten the Chronological Popeye thanks out of the way, and I second more Cult Camp collections.)

[Warner_Brothers] yes it has. thanks for your support but there are no plans for Huckleberry Hound Vol. 2 but look for other canines: Droopy, Scooby

[Roger] Warner Brothers, you guys rock! You set the gold standard for this industry, and I am counting the days until DROOPY and POPEYE arrive. I never thought we'd see Popeye, and it's so great that you are giving these great cartoons a first class treatment. I'm a big fan of classic animation and classic TV, and while I lament the fact that the greed of music publishers are preventing the release of some of my favorite Tv series.

[Warner_Brothers] Roger you Rock!

[Roger] Will you ever release the BUGS BUNNY SHOW series that we see on the Golden Collections in excerpts?

[Warner_Brothers] funny you mention that, perhaps 50th Anniversary release?

[Brandon_D] Thanks Warner. I got here late so I don't know if these have been asked. Are there any plans for season sets of ALICE or FALCON CREST?

[Warner_Brothers] yes they have been asked. no plans at this time. thanks.

[John_Pannozzi] I want to mention some censorship that was done to certain episodes of Tiny Toons in hopes that they2019ll be restored on DVD. The episode "The Looney Beginning" originally aired in prime-time on CBS and in it's prime-time airing contained at least two scenes that were removed from later airings. Also, will you release Pinky, Elmyra & The Brain? And I want the PowerPuff Girls Movie and Cats Don2019t Dance in their original aspect ratios

[Warner_Brothers] the moment you've all been waiting for: the complete first season of Powerpuff Girls coming to DVD 6/19/07. Regarding Tiny Toons, thanks for the info!

[LaurenW] Thanks WB - I had to leave, but came back. My question is about Murphy Brown. Will this be the year for a Murphy Brown Season 2 release? If not, will we ever see another season of MB on DVD?

[Warner_Brothers] we answered that question already. sales were too low for Murphy Brown Season 1 to support a second release given high music cost. if we see a high surge in sales for season 1 we'll happily consider a season 2 release.

[ThomasP] You mentioned Space Ghost & Bird Man earlier...any chance of the HB series HERCULOIDS and SEA LAB 2020? What about Season sets of the recent DUCK DODGERS series?

[Warner_Brothers] we're looking at all the above. we'll get back to you.

[Tory] Do you have any more information on the Looney Tunes Wartime Collection mentioned in the last chat andEarl Kress said on his blog he found some good material for a Josie & the Pussycats bonus. Please contact him.

[Warner_Brothers] no news now on Looney tunes wartime collection and stay tuned for exciting news on Josie and the Pussycats soon.

[Peter_M_Fitzgerald] Thanks much for POPEYE, DROOPY, and LT VOL 5! Though TV FAVORITES: MAVERICK was a fine appetizer, the TV on DVD landscape is much poorer due to a lack of MAVERICK season sets, especially the first 3 with James Garner. Will we see any in the near future? Also, how about a set of Hanna Barbera's live-action/animated NEW ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN ('68), one of their few prime-time series? Thanks.

[Warner_Brothers] thanks for your support on TV Favorites. we don't have any news on Maverick season one but we'll continue to look at it. no current plans for Huck Finn.

[Brandon_D] Any plans for future releases of GROWING PAINS or NIGHT COURT? Also, I am so excited about Season 1 of Welcome Back Kotter!! THANK YOU!!!

[Warner_Brothers] thanks for your support on Welcome Back Kotter. we don't have any current plans f or second seasons of Growing Pains and Night Court.

[ChrisCook] Last year some of the episodes of the short-lived Against the Grain were put on AOL TV. Somehow I missed this series when it aired in the 90s, but what I saw of it, I really enjoyed. This was NBC's previous effort at a football-themed family drama. It also starred Ben Affleck, Lost's John Terry, and Robyn Lively.

[Warner_Brothers] we have no plans for this title.

[MichelleB] Any plans to release the 4th season of Nip/Tuck?

[Warner_Brothers] ABSOLUTELY!!! look for exciting news about the release in the next few weeks.

[AnnaCox] I am new and got here late. Is there a way to look at previous questions and answers? I too want the remaining seasons of Murphy Brown and Night Court. Are there any other resources to get dvd's of these shows since you are not releasing them?

[Warner_Brothers] sorry there is not.

[CoreyScapito] Any plans on releasing box sets of Silver Hawks in the near future? Also- Captain Planet... Is he a hero or zero when it comes to DVD box sets? ;) Any plans of this show coming out?

[Warner_Brothers] Silverhawk we're strongly considering. Captain Planet is a zero.

[RobN] Warner has released some TV titles on HD-DVD, are there any plans for TV on Blu-Ray? (Smallville?)

[Warner_Brothers] yes we plan to support both formats. look for exciting TV on HD DVD and Blu-Ray news later this year.

[KeithPaynter] Thanks again - now that I get a second go-around, I look forward to Popeye, and have ever since it was announced on Jerry Beck's Cartoon Research site, and I'll give him credit where credit is due. His assistance is invaluable (as always). Now, re:Whose Line Is It Anyway, is there justification for season sets of the US version following last year's 2-disc "sampler"?

[Warner_Brothers] Whose Line Is It Anyway was not a sampler. volume one contained the first half of season one. we do have plans for volume two release later this year that will contain the rest of season one episodes. this release will be uncensored.

[JimCabby] Thanks, again. Here's the perennial request for "China Beach". Any chance of that coming out any time?

[Warner_Brothers] it is a great show which we love to release but the music clearance cost are extremely high.

[TimV] Good to hear SOME positve news finally about Perfect Strangers, but I don't want to get disappointed... so how much % of a chance do we have Perfect Strangers coming in 2008? Also, how about the urban shows (Jamie Foxx, Wayans Bros, Living Single) with season 2 sets and new show sets for ROC and Redd Foxx Show?

[Warner_Brothers] I can't put a % on Perfect Strangers at this time. we're still in the process of looking at it. Urban shows: we don't have any plans for any of the above.

[Warner_Brothers] check out for the latest news on the upcoming superman Doomsday DVD release.

[ThomasDE] Josh Scwartz recently said something about an OC complete set this fall. What are the details on that? Also when will we be seeing Veronica Mars S3?

[Warner_Brothers] OC season 4 is coming 5/22. we do have plans for an awesome complete series set later this year but we don't have any details to share at this time. look for release details for Veronica Mars later this month.

[PaulMiller] Do you have any plans to release any of the older Cartoon Network shows like Dexter's Labratory and Johnny Bravo in season sets?

[Warner_Brothers] not at this time but we're open to consider them.

[CoreyScapito] At last years chat you mentioned that you were thinking about bringing out Widescreen sets of Teen Titans. Is this still true and if so when can we expect them?

[Warner_Brothers] the full screen Teen Titans have been selling well and we'll certainly consider adding widescreen in the future.

[Mark] Any plans for Roots:The Gift and the complete set of Queen since it fall into the Roots series also how was the sales for mama family first season dvd because I really enjoyed the set just wish it was more.

[Warner_Brothers] nothing we can announce at this time on Roots: The Gift and Queen. we're evaluating another season of Mama's family. question is will you guys support the release if all we have access to are the syndicated episodes?

[TimV] Regarding Family guys said earlier music you mean the first season theme song "What a Wonderful World?" If that is the case, can't you just use the more popular theme "As Days Go By?" There really wasn't any msic in the episodes for S1...Do the Urkel was later on, lol.Hope to see this in 2008 anyway with Perfect Strangers.

[Warner_Brothers] not sure as to the music details. we don't have that on us right now but we'll look into it further. thanks for your early support on both.

[PeteyHollister] I've heard that there are no plans for a KNOTS LANDING SEASON 2 release because sales of the first season were softer than expected, yet I recall seeing KNOTS SEASON 1 in the Video Business top ten sales chart. What gives? Also, couldn't some strong marketing that not only trumpeted the SEASON 2 arrival of fan fave Donna Mills, but also highlighted the similarities between KNOTS and the mega-hit DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES

[Warner_Brothers] not sure what video business reported but our sales were much less than expected. We'll keep it under consideration given the strong apparent interest but it will be tough to do.

[RonEpstein] Well, folks, that wraps it all up! Parker and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the entire gang at Warner PUblicity, TV and Animation: Melissa, Monica, Amit, Brenda, Joshua and Kristina. Thanks to all of you for taking time out to talk with our membership.

[Packy] Thanks for being here tonight.

Session Close: Mon May 07 21:59:16 2007

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